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William Butler Love Poems

William Butler Yeats always expressed the personal conflicts and experience in works. Moreover, his creative imagination remained very much his own and you can notice that all poems are different from typical works of this time. The oeuvre of Butler includes amazing love poems: “The pity of love”, “The rose of the world”, “He remembers forgotten beauty”, “A poet to his beloved” and many others.

The author always told that only women can be the best inspiration for his poems. These tender creatures redefine the force of the world and men, in particular. Yeats’s experience with love was rich and fulfilling as well as frustrating and, unfortunately, unhappy. It’s quite obvious and connected with his personal life. The reader may examine various interesting sides of love in Yeats’s poems. In some of them, the artist described it as a power close to divine. In other poems, he started hesitating whether loving emotion is really that significant for each human or not. And in his next poems, he started to focus on the dark and destructive sides of love. So, he had a little bit mixed feelings, as well as his romances in a real life:

“A pity beyond all telling

Is hid in the heart of love:

The folk who are buying and selling;

The clouds on their journey above”

William Butler Yeats emphasized the importance of such needed feeling of love and its madness. Therefore, we can only listen to this sage man and do it. Yeat’s advice is so simple but simultaneously so deep:

“Oh, Love is the crooked thing, there is nobody wise enough to find out all that is in it, for he will be thinking about love till the stars run away and the shadows eaten the moon…”